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Scottsdale Business: Tourism, Medical, Tech,…

Some think of Scottsdale as a tourism or resort town, others a society city where rich people live. It’s also known for its events, scenery, arts, restaurants, and haven for beautiful people. Underneath all the sunsets and spas, though, is a business-rich city of a quarter million people who count…
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Old Town Entertainment Struggles and…

Old Town Scottsdale has been known for its nightclubs and restaurants for years, turning it into a global destination. Scottsdale is widely recognized for its high energy nightlife and young community, but it’s evening entertainment area is now recognized as a hotspot for the coronavirus. With…

What's Coming:

  • Scottsdale employment market: Where jobs and critical employees are
  • Profiles on financial planners and investment trendsetters
  • The latest in home buying trends, residential transactions, and commercial real estate deals
  • Real time feeds of financial markets
  • Political and economic insights from Scottsdale’s city, civic, and business leaders

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