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Scottsdale is a market unique to Arizona and the country, with high income demographics for its 250,000-plus residents and thousands of visitors. This audience has a keen interest in business, finance, real estate, and the high-end lifestyle.

An expanding demand for local business information with a consumer focus has ushered in the opportunity for an all digital-financial news website, for and about Scottsdale. ScottsdaleBusiness.com will connect residents and visitors to local financial news and connect the Scottsdale business and investment community to local and global financial information.

ScottsdaleBusiness.com will be a resource for financial brokers, consultants, and investment firms and provide information on who’s moving in, moving out, plus local success stories. It will offer insights into:

  • The Scottsdale job market and career insights from experts
  • The latest on residential and commercial real estate and agents who list them
  • Local information on Scottsdale’s, tax rates, bond issues, land and preserve acquisitions
  • Analysis on retirement accounts, investing, and financial planning
  • Up-to-date financial information on major financial markets in the US, and globally
  • Scottsdale’s financial trends in retail, automobiles, real estate, and general consumer purchasing

Scottsdale’s residents are business people, artists, corporate leaders, sports & entertainment figures, with a discriminating interest in luxury purchases.


What's Coming:

  • Scottsdale employment market: Where jobs and critical employees are
  • Profiles on financial planners and investment trendsetters
  • The latest in home buying trends, residential transactions, and commercial real estate deals
  • Real time feeds of financial markets
  • Political and economic insights from Scottsdale’s city, civic, and business leaders

Going Live

ScottsdaleBusiness.com will be coming online soon. 

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