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Business illustration with womanSome think of Scottsdale as a tourism or resort town, others a society city where rich people live. It’s also known for its events, scenery, arts, restaurants, and haven for beautiful people.

Underneath all the sunsets and spas, though, is a business-rich city of a quarter million people who count on not only to drive its economy but also health care, tech, business services, retail, and more than 25,000 businesses big and small.

Innovation signMajor and well-regarded firms like Honor Health, GoDaddy, PayPal, the Mayo Clinic, Vanguard, Yelp, JDA Software, and General Dynamics call Scottsdale home

More than anything, Scottsdale is a city for business, run by people with experience in business.

In normal years, or pre-pandemic, it attracted 9 million people a year who produced $3.7 billion in economic impact, acccording to x, the city economic development arm.

Four other clusters create a much more diversified and valuable economic base. They are:

Scottsdale Airpark:

More than 2,900 companies and 51,000 workers fit in this 8.6 square mile employment center, one of Arizona’s largest. Firms include Quicken Loans, CVS Caremark, AXON (Taser), and Nautilus Insurance. Collectively, they produces nearly $3 billion in economic spin-off activity annually.

Reasearcher with beaker

Cure corridor:

Health Care and bio-life science are growing industries in Scottsdale, and include not only medical services but also research, pharmaceuticals, medical labs, and biotech research, running from the Scottsdale Airpark to the Arizona State University Innovation Center at Skysong on the city’s southern end. It employs about 16,000.

Business man and laptop

Technology and innovation:

Some 500 tech companies call Scottsdale home, and Skysong has launched more that 100 start-ups from its campus. Key tech clusters include enterprise and security software, plus wireless payment systems. An educated workforce, with 56% having at least a bachelor’s degree, and nearby ASU, make recruiting productive.

Downtown Scottsdale Main Street

South Scottsdale:

Downtown Scottsdale is home to the city’s internationally regarded art galleries, public art, and Western tourism attractions. It’s Scottsdale’s second area that also includes emerging innovation companies like Yelp, Indeed, Anomalie, and ZocDoc. The McDowell corridor hosts 14,000 jobs, many in professional, technical, and scientific services.

So while Scottsdale is a delightful resort and spa destination, it also is an important business and industry community interested in both commercial and residential real estate, innovation, new companies considering Scottsdale, employment issues, upcoming deals, what business leaders are up to, commerce events, and what the community is doing (or not doing) to help businesses prosper.

Business newspaper and hands

The city’s importance in regional business forces media outside the city to present the biggest news happening in Scottsdale. But only ScottsdaleBusiness.com is dedicated entirely to advancing and promoting businesses in the community, telling the world about Scottsdale businesses, and helping locals and others navigate business issues here.

ScottsdaleBusiness.com is under development now, but look to the site (coming soon) to provide what you need and want to know about what’s happening and trending with Scottsdale Businesses.



By Hal DeKeyser
Scottsdale Digital Group



Scottsdale economic report, August 2020
Scottsdale Economic Development Department




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